Astrology and Religion

William Lilly published his "Christian Astrology" in 1647. In those times it was a smart sales gimmick to turn astrology into something religious; it promoted the book and made it a success. Today the similar trick is to make astrology scientific, since science is the most fashionable religious faith today. Science is an authority that we don't discuss; once something has been established as "scientific", most people accept it. After all science has given us penicilin, it has flown man to the Moon and created the social media and made it possible for us to SMS and communicate by email.

But the nuclear bomb, pollution and uneven distribution of wealth may also be attributed to scientific discoveries. And science is fickle. It keeps changing. So far it has rejected astrology based on arguments from the Newtonian paradigm, according to which everything works in a mechanical way. If science accepts astrology in the future, it will happen, because astrology is in accordance with particle & quantum physics and can be explained with chaos theory. Science in itself does not have any moral values, and a totally worldly view inevitably leads to loss of purpose with life. All in all science is a good servant but a bad master.

To throw out religion entirely would to me be like throwing out the baby with with the bathwater. The guidance I receive from the spiritual world is just as important to me as working out astrological statistics. To believe in an after-life makes it possible for a human being to make the necessary sacrifices, which may not benefit him or her in this life, but instead preserves order in society now and in the future and eventually leads to wealth and abundance.