Spiritual laziness

At Astrology News Service you can read the article "The Multi-faceted Layers of Astrology" by Greg Bogard.

Quote #1: "One of the most important skills for an astrologer to master is the art of guiding ourselves, our loved ones, and our clients to fulfillment and success in our vocation, in our careers, in the path of our heart’s desire."

Quote #2: "Ultimately, the natal Sun is the primary vocational indicator. In addition to studying the dispositors of the Ascendant and MC and the overall sign and house emphasis of a chart, I closely examine natal Sun’s house and sign, solar aspects, and the placement of the Sun’s dispositor."

My comment: If astrology was that simple, I am sure Michel Gauqelin would have documented it in his extensive statistical research of charts belonging to various professional categories. And it wouldn't have been necessary for John Addey to write his masterpiece, "Harmonics in Astrology". And it would not have been difficult to convince the skeptics about the value of astrology. Anyway, the chart collections are available on the Internet - for example at AstroDataBank - so anybody can verify that Greg Bogard's claims do not hold.

The problem with Greg Bogard and like-minded astrologers, is that they never bother to test their claims, before presenting them. To them astrological dogma are true, if they are old and have been passed over by previous generations. That is how representatives and high priests of a religious faith think. Neither curiousity nor new approaches are needed, only gullibility and submission.

Astrologers complain about the skeptics, that they are prejudiced, too harsh and not fair. But when the majority of the astrologers are chained to habitual thinking and spiritual laziness, the astrological community deserves the mean tricks conducted by the skeptics - unfortunately.