Good marketing. Good science?

I think it was Albert Einstein, who in an interview humbly stated that "I am standing on the shoulders of giants." Albert Einstein was on of the most modest men, who has ever lived. The same cannot be said about some of the astrologers, who as a means to generate sales refer to their own scientific endeavours.

Astrologer Kevin McCorry on his website: "The Magi Society has conducted research on every single contemporary professional baseball, basketball, football and North American hockey player. In addition every all-time-great player for any era was added to the list. To top it all off, the best tennis or golf players throughout history were included. This research was one of the largest and most comprehensive astrological studies ever attempted."

Kevin McCorry does not supply any details about the research at this page, but on another page he proclaims:

"Today the Magi Society is the largest international astrological association in the world, with well over 5000 members. It has the largest research database of astrological charts in existence, numbering well over 100,000. Using powerful computers and the world's most sophisticated astrological software, the Magi Society maintains its status as the leading astrological organization in the world as they continue to discover new breakthroughs and advances in astrology at a breakneck pace. The Magi Society is unearthing dynamic new astrological findings on a regular basis. The Magi Society's ongoing research results are available on our website: www.magiastrology.com."

I have followed the astrological research debates in the media and on the Internet since 1995, when the Internet was born, and I have never heard about neither the Magi Society nor its alleged research before now. But then again, I am merely a humble astrologer. ;-)

I wondered why I had not heard or read about Kevin McCorry's research before - after all he has been active in astrological research at least since 2007. Then I looked into www.magiastrology.com and discovered that the "over 100,000 charts" from the above quote in reality were birth dates without birth times, and that Kevin McCorry's research only includes "planetary geometry", i.e. the aspect circle, which measured in harmonics represent 73% of a chart. He leaves out both the zodiac circle and the diurnal circle (i.e. planets in houses), which Michel Gauquelin's discoveries indicate is of significant importance in a chart.

As for the alleged 5,000 members of the Magi Society: I cannot believe that a society with so many members will accept a society website, which doesn't even have a discussion forum - not in 2015! Therefore I tend to believe that the number is exaggerated. As far as I can see the only member of the Magi Society is Kevin McCorry himself.